Wouter de Bres—Product Designer

Improving the User Experience at MyTaxi

MyTaxi asked me to help them improve the user experience of their already very successful iPhone app. After assessing the app we decided that it needed a simpler and more focussed approach; this meant making hard decisions on what to leave things out. Together with the MyTaxi product team I created a new user flow and wireframes for every screen for their new app.

Simplifying the experience

Together with the product team we first focussed on assessing the current state of the app. We took taxi rides with the app to uncover problem areas and digged up data about feature usage. Quickly we discovered the app had suffored from feature creep in the past years and together we figured out how we could back focus in the app on the core functionality; booking a taxi.

Wireframing a new user flow

All conversations and findings resulted in a clearer more focussed user flow. The amazing inhouse designers of MyTaxi worked on the visual design of the project.

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